Boxer Falls: a gaytime drama

What goes up always comes down.

Peek behind the fly of Boxer Falls, and see what mischief lurks in the quiet streets and secluded spots of a small New England town with a queer reputation. Around here, the family closets hold more than skeletons and the fights are strictly gloves-off. With folks this gorgeous, the feuds are bound to get ugly.

When the wealthy Cotten family decides to turn their country estate into a luxurious resort, the residents of Boxer Falls face an influx of affluent tourists who rub their sleepy little town in the worst ways. Lust, greed, betrayal, and ambition might just yank the town to its knees.

Tune in each week to get the latest on scorching affairs, family dysfunction, and secret desire.

Boxer Falls: the bigger they are...

Boxer Falls, a free homoerotic webserial

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Boxer Falls was conceived as an ongoing gift to the gay romance community that would bring writers and readers together in a friendly format that emphasized interaction and creative exploration of a time-honored genre: daytime drama. Blending camp, sensuality, and melodrama, this online web serial gives writers and fans a chance to splash around in a world that they can build together organically over a long stretch of time.

Professionally, Boxer Falls afford authors the opportunity to reach new audiences and to have fun with situations and styles that they might not have a chance to explore in their contracted writing. Lots of our guest scribes have mentioned how liberating they've found the format; without the constraints of building a self-contained narrative they improvise and expand the story collaboratively.

Gay romance authors Ellis Carrington, Poppy Dennison, and Damon Suede are the head writers on this weekly serial, but episodes come from a crazy list of fan faves and new voices... You won't believe who's all set to get soapy with us! Already we have episodes by Andrea Speed, Eden Winters, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Brita Addams, and Geoff Knight...with more in the wings waiting to stir the pot.

And now, we are thrilled and gratified that the delightful Brita Addams has jumped on board to beat the drum and put Boxer Falls in more hands than ever before. 

Check back to see the weekly lineup. And if you're an author interested in contributing an episode (or seeing our show bible to help you decide) just give us a shout.

The Boxer Falls Team

Creators: Ellis Carrington, Poppy Dennison, Damon Suede.

PR Sorceress: Brita Addams

Staff Writers:
K.C. Burn
Mary Calmes
Kiernan Kelly
Geoff Knight
Amy Lane
S.A. Garcia
S.A. Meade
Jeremy Pack
Jamie Samms
M.J. O'Shea
Zahra Owen
Kate Sherwood
Andrea Speed
Eden Winters
Xara X. Xanakas
Sara York