Boxer Falls: a gaytime drama

What goes up always comes down.

Peek behind the fly of Boxer Falls, and see what mischief lurks in the quiet streets and secluded spots of a small New England town with a queer reputation. Around here, the family closets hold more than skeletons and the fights are strictly gloves-off. With folks this gorgeous, the feuds are bound to get ugly.

When the wealthy Cotten family decides to turn their country estate into a luxurious resort, the residents of Boxer Falls face an influx of affluent tourists who rub their sleepy little town in the worst ways. Lust, greed, betrayal, and ambition might just yank the town to its knees.

Tune in each week to get the latest on scorching affairs, family dysfunction, and secret desire.

Boxer Falls: the bigger they are...

Boxer Falls, a free homoerotic webserial

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Don't you hate missing a show and scrambling to keep up? This page will give you a chance to check out the past three months of episodes in case you miss one.

Boxer Falls began "broadcasting"  in January of 2012 with a new installment every Friday at the  M/M Romance group at Goodreads. They have an area devoted to Boxer Falls and episodes posted there for members.

The following week, we upload episodes to this site for easy access and download. Here you'll find all of the past episodes available for reading online or downloadable for your favorite ereader in PDF format.

Don't drop the soap for too long.  Who knows what might happen?