Boxer Falls: a gaytime drama

What goes up always comes down.

Peek behind the fly of Boxer Falls, and see what mischief lurks in the quiet streets and secluded spots of a small New England town with a queer reputation. Around here, the family closets hold more than skeletons and the fights are strictly gloves-off. With folks this gorgeous, the feuds are bound to get ugly.

When the wealthy Cotten family decides to turn their country estate into a luxurious resort, the residents of Boxer Falls face an influx of affluent tourists who rub their sleepy little town in the worst ways. Lust, greed, betrayal, and ambition might just yank the town to its knees.

Tune in each week to get the latest on scorching affairs, family dysfunction, and secret desire.

Boxer Falls: the bigger they are...

Boxer Falls, a free homoerotic webserial

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That's a wrap.

Sadly, due to other commitments, the organizers of Boxer Falls have decided to end the series after a very successful run.

 We so appreciate and love our fans and want to remind everyone that the first season is available for download.

Again, our sincerest thanks goes to everyone who followed the series, to the authors who put forward their installments, to everyone who helped behind the scenes, and to the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads for all their support.


Soap up & get down!

Boxer Falls was a weekly homoerotic soap opera posted at the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads. Penned by a group of fan favorites and new voices, a roster of unparalleled talent brings this "gaytime drama" to life with high camp, low blows, and intense sexiness.

Boxer Falls Welcome signOur writers produced episodes as interconnected short stories about the ongoing adventures of the residents of a tightknit Berkshires resort town with a queer reputation as it gains a reputation as a homo hot spot for the discerning traveler. You should expect sex, scandal, secrets, and happy endings that come at a high price.

Every week a new guest star took up the pen. Join Ellis Carrington, Poppy Dennison, and Damon Suede along with a host of your favorite gay romance scribes as they cut loose with suds and studs in abundance. And once Brita Addams joined the team, Boxer Falls churned like never before. 


Rag time!

Boxer Brief: the Boxer Falls newsletterLove dirty laundry? Who doesn't? Because no small town is complete without its local rag, Boxer Falls is now home to the Boxer Brief with a heaping helping of crime, classifieds, and local gossip from the infamous and incorrigible Amanda Reckonwith...not to mention sneak peeks of what's ahead from the folks in the know.

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Don't be shy

We want to hear from you. Soap operas thrive on input from fans and our writers are no different.

If you have comments, praise, insults, or admonitions, don't hesitate to drop us a line, either in the ongoing Boxer Falls discussion threads at Goodreads, on Twitter or via our contact form on this site. And if you're an author interested in getting sudsy with us, that goes double!

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